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    Mar 1 st, 2011
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    Writing For Marketing

    Writing an ebook and making a sales page for it is only half the struggle. If you want to make money in the information product industry – primarily: ebooks, PDF reports, case studies, and more – marketing will be your biggest hurdle. How do you push your product, especially in a competitive niche? A lot of popular niches have already been exploited; it’s “somebody else’s” territory. Finding a unique approach to pushing for more sales can be very difficult and stressful.

    The truth is, it’s the packaging that sells your goodies. You may have compiled the most comprehensive report in the history of whatever your topic is. Indeed, it could be a groundbreaking product. But without a “bright package,” no one will even bother looking at it. Think: even if you invented the most delicious candy bar in the world, a neighborhood wouldn’t know about it unless it had a flashy wrapper. The same applies in e-commerce. Even subtle things like the way you word your sales pitch page can make or break your killer ad.

    One must-have item for any ebook product is a cover. With a network of Clickbank products overloaded with cliché pictures of successful businessmen, money flying around and big cars, they’re supposed to symbolize the riches that you’ll gain from whatever business ebook is being offered to you. If, for example, you’re buying an informational product on selling real estate, the cover is likely to have some fancy mansion on the cover. These are SO cliché. Every ebook product cover needs to be fresh and original. You want to offer your buyers something that no other website offers their clients. This is tailored individually to whatever ebook you’re selling, and guess what… the words written over top is what will steer your message one way or another.

    Speaking of steering, another must-have items for any information product are action verbs. There’s a reason why all ebook sales page websites use them: they work. Action verbs psychologically steer you to take a certain action. In your case, you want to part your client with his money in exchange for a copy of your digital product. How do you do that? Offer a solution to their problem. Then tell them how the solution works, and why it will work; add a valuable promise of the future, and you have success. That’s why they’re there to buy your book. The trick is to let your web viewers know that you have this answer without giving it to them until they pay for your digital information product. And it’s NOT so difficult.

    Yet another important point to consider when writing your sales pitch page: your competition. Do this. Take a piece of paper, a pen, and look up your competitor’s websites. Make a list of 3 to 10 competitors, depending on how much competition there is. Write down what action verbs they use, as well as what approach they take to luring in customers. Scribble any notes that you may find helpful. This will take you an hour or two at the most, but you’ll get the best understanding of your opponents in the industry. You’ll learn what they’re selling, and how they’re doing it. Knowing your competition is vital in any marketing campaign.

    Writing has to make sense.

    What I mean by that is, your business plan has to have no guess work. Either you have writing that works, or you don’t. In short, what that stands for is, a plan like “If A happens, then you better hope that B and C bring X amount of dollars, THEN your endeavor will be a success” is a fail. Your business plan, or your sales pitch, or your advertising, HAS to work on paper in order to succeed in life.

    Your plan has to make sense. All guesswork has to be eliminated. Either it makes sense, or it doesn’t. Lose one part of good writing (sentence fluency, spelling, punctuation…) and suddenly there’s someone out there better than you. There are so many pieces that belong in a good article that it’s no wonder most get lost! Either way you look at it, writing and management skills are all a part of business success


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