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    Oct 4 th, 2011
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    Write like a Pro in Nine Steps

    Writing is a thing that many people love to do but lack the confidence to perform. On the other hand, there are also lots of people who hate even the thought of writing, but they are forced to do so because of their position in business.

    Writing particularly with the power of the internet has become the trend in this age of information and technology. There are many facets of web content such as web copy, manuals, books, business letters and manuals, but they share common characteristics that make them effective.

    Here are nine steps you should consider in order to be able to write like a pro:

    1. Identify your readers

    Writing is communicating with people. You can not communicate effectively with them unless you are able to capture their interest. You should take time to know your target audience, their needs and concerns. You should also be able to put yourself in their shoes so that you will know what can make them want to read what you are saying.

    2. Find inspiration

    You can be your best in anything if you are inspired to do what you have to do. Inspiration can come from different sources. You can find it through nature, a magazine, a particular situation or an article that you have just read.

    3. Create a draft

    Create a draft by writing anything that comes into your mind about your subject matter. You don’t have to worry about grammar and spelling. What’s important is for you to jot down your present ideas. Always make it a point to write for your audience and not for yourself.

    4. Research for more information

    If you need additional information to make your written work more informative and useful, do some researching. The information that you’ve put in through research may just be the one that your readers are looking for in your topic.

    6. Revise your work

    Once your draft is completed, start to revise your work by checking on the sentence structure and conciseness. Rearrange the flow of ideas if needed to make your story coherent. This is also the stage to correct obvious mistakes.

    7. Get the opinion of a third party

    After revising your work, take it to a third party for comments. This will help to ensure that your ideas are clear and understandable.

    8. Make further revisions

    At this stage, there could still be a lot of items that needed to be revised. The third party comments and opinions should also be taken into consideration when you do your revision.

    9. Get professional help

    If you are writing a book, manual, web copy or sales letters, it is a wise idea to send it to a professional proofreader to spot the mistakes you might have overlooked. The writing alone could take away much of your energy. It’s good to have your work polished by a professional before sending it out. It is the safest method of producing flawless written work.


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