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    Feb 1 st, 2012
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    Would You Choose PLRs over Ghostwritten Articles?

    Content is an essential part of every blog or website. It is in fact the main reason why people surf the web. If you own a blog or website, one of your main concerns is the content that you are going to populate it with.

    If your hands are full, you cannot find enough time to research and write for your site. One of the things that would run into your mind is to make a decision whether you would use PLRs or a ghostwriter to fill your site with content.

    Web content is made for a specific and definite purpose. It is intended to be seen and read by its targeted audience. It should therefore be interesting, engaging and informative to enable it to arouse the interest of your prospects otherwise it won’t get noticed.

    Choosing between PLRs and ghostwriters is a big decision as far as your objective for traffic is concerned. These two sources of written information both carry qualities and drawbacks that you need to consider.

    For purposes of comparison, here are the pros and cons of PLRs and ghostwritten articles:

    1. Ghostwritten Articles

    These articles are written by another person exclusively for you. You own the articles and you have the right to do whatever you want to do with it.


    1. The articles are original and unique. They are tailored for your exclusive use.


    1. They are more costly than PLR articles.

    2. The burden of finding and testing your ideal writer rests on your shoulders.

    3. You need to check their written work for quality.

    4. You need to check their submissions for originality. You can be made to answer if you publish content which your ghostwriter stole from someone else.

    2. PLR Articles

    PLR articles are pre-written articles that are sold in packages.


    1. These are cheaper than ghostwritten articles. 2. They are ready for use if you want to post them as they are.


    1. PLRs are available to anyone who is willing to pay for them. They are not unique because you can share them with others who purchased the same package that you bought.

    2. You can’t submit PLR articles to article directories.

    3. You need to check them for quality.

    4. You can’t just buy any PLR package you can find; you need to find PLRs that fits your blog topic or subject matter.

    These are the pros and cons of PLRs and ghostwritten articles. If you really want to get original, unique and tailored articles for your blog or website without sweat, go find a quality ghostwriter to do the job for you. But you should remember that they can be costly.

    If you can find a quality PLR service that can deliver quality, less distributed articles that fit your niche, you can go for it. It can save you a lot of money, time and effort.


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