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    Sep 22 nd, 2011
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    Why Should Articles Be Submitted to Authority Sites?

    For a majority of article marketers, submitting articles to multiple article directories is an effective way of getting traffic.

    Submitting articles to article directories is a way of getting added exposure, but some article marketers think it is not the way to get a high page rank in the search engines. Search engines do not give credit to duplicates.

    Some article marketers are beginning to think that it would make more sense if your articles are submitted to authority sites.

    Authority sites are sites which are highly respected and linked to by thousands of people for the usefulness of their content.

    Here are some of the supporting reasons why submission articles to authority sites makes sense:

    1. Authority sites are well-respected

    Authority sites are very conscious of quality than article directories because they have a reputation to maintain. Authority sites have higher publishing standards than article directories.

    2. Articles Get Buried in Article Directories

    Thousands of articles get published in article directories everyday. The articles you submit to article directories get buried in the myriad of articles and it has a slim chance of getting found on the web.

    3. Authority sites have a large following

    The large and loyal following of authority sites can benefit your articles if they get published there. Authority sites have high publishing standards and they only publish quality, high value articles for their audience. If your article gets published on authority websites, it has a big chance of becoming viral because the readers who enjoyed it would love to share it in their social networking communities.

    4. The power to choose is in you

    The power to choose which authority sites you want to submit your articles to remains in you. When you submit your article to article directories, you relinquish this power and the articles you’ve submitted can be published by anyone, including low-quality sites. This could negatively affect your site’s reputation in the search engines.

    5. The chance for better exposure is real in authority sites

    Authority sites are in constant need of quality content. Authority sites give decent exposure to articles that they trust. By submitting unique, quality articles, you will earn the trust of authority sites. This gives your articles a fair chance of being featured regularly. This is a great opportunity for added exposure. This can also help to boost your reputation.

    7. Great opportunities abound in authority sites

    Authority sites attract quality readers and businesses. These sites help to build your reputation as an expert. They can open many doors of opportunities for you. And these opportunities can come from some of its audience who are impressed with your work.


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