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    Sep 28 th, 2011
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    Where to Find Podcasting Ideas

    Just like written blogs, video blogs or podcasts are always in need of fresh ideas so you can continue updating your content.

    You do not actually need to look too far to find new ideas for your new podcast segments. Here are the places where you can find them:

    1. News

    There are lots of online and offline sources for news. Newspapers, television, radio and the internet is filled with news items for you to choose relevant items from. You can visit websites of giant news channels regularly. Scan headlines and read the stories, especially the ones that are relevant to your niche.

    2. Blogs

    You can also get new ideas for your podcast from blogs. Monitor the ones that relate to your niche. Express your honest opinion about editorials. Just be sure to mention in your podcast the source of the blog that you commented on.

    3. Conversation with friends & colleagues

    Your daily interaction with friends and colleagues are a good source of ideas for your podcast posts.

    4. Emails

    Scan your inbox for interesting emails which might contain good material to take up on your podcast.

    5. Forum Posts

    You should join forums and review them on a regular basis. List the items which offer potential show ideas. Summarize forum posts, find answers to complex questions and express them in your podcast.

    6. Feedback

    Make your podcast interactive by encouraging feedback or comments from your listeners. This way, you can improve your platform by building a relationship with your followers. Listener feedback can be good material for your future shows. The more you interact with your listeners, the more they share their ideas. This will help to improve your podcast.

    7. Advice

    Consider making an advice segment in your podcast. This will encourage listener participation and make them open up to ask you for solutions for their problems.

    8. Conferences and trade shows

    Conferences and trade shows are most often used as venues for announcing the launching of new products. Making honest reviews about these products could be a good subject for a new podcast.


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