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    Sep 28 th, 2011
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    What is Podcast and How is It Created?

    A podcast is an audio program which is pre-recorded and posted to a website. It is then made available for downloading for people to listen to with the use of their personal computers, laptops or mobile devices.

    Earlier, the word podcast was used to refer to an RSS feed that included audio files in its contents. The term later evolved to refer to RSS feeds that contain all types of media, including audio and video in the item’s enclosure filed.

    Simply put, it is one of the methods of distributing rich-media files by way of the internet. There are many types of contents which can be contained in a podcast, from songs to lectures to political debates. One advantage of the podcast over radio or television program is its capability to be viewed by people at their own time and convenience.

    Here are some tips on how to create a podcast:

    1. Record your content

    The easiest method of recording a podcast or RSS feed is by using software which is specifically made for this purpose.

    2. Create the podcast feed

    After recording your content, you have to create the podcast or RSS feed. This could be made quite simpler with the help of software which is also dedicated for this task, such as FeedForAll. This system will lead you all the way through the entire process. But if you prefer to create your RSS feed manually, you can do it by following the instructions given at

    3. Publish the feed

    Once your podcast feed is done, put it on your website with the use of a file transfer protocol utility which is normally contained in your podcast software. This will also make your content capable of being received by others.

    4. Let your visitors know that your podcast is available

    Once your podcast is published, your next task is to announce to your visitors that it is available. You can do this by using colorful graphics to indicate the availability of a specific content. Earlier, orange-colored flags were used to signify the availability of content. But this has recently been changed slightly by some webmasters who chose colors that matched their website theme.

    5. Optimize the exposure of your podcast

    Your podcast will not get maximum exposure if you don’t submit it to podcast search engine directories. This method is done in exactly the same way you would submit your website or the URL of a webpage to a search engine. You can go to in order to get a list of podcast directories.


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