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    Aug 17 th, 2011
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    What are the Top Two Types of Web Content?

    The World Wide Web is filled with tons of content, yet, only few of us care to know how they are classified.

    It might not mater a lot, but it is important to understand how web contents are classified. The two broadest categories of web content are:

    1. Current Content

    This is the content that has time value and it has limited usefulness. Current contents include news, commentaries, announcements, contests and promos.

    The most prominent types of current content on the web are news and opinions. These contents are characterized by topics that are of a limited value, as they are time sensitive. This means that its topics are useful only for a limited period; they could become useless or meaningless weeks or even days later.

    The way to make current content attractive to visitors is to make it current or updated with the latest news and events. This is also how a current content site gains traffic; it attracts readers with fresh articles which are interesting only on the day of publication.

    2. Evergreen Content

    This is the category that provides value and knowledge to the reader in the long term. This includes instructional, educational, documentary, historical or scientific.

    Evergreen content is not time-sensitive, its starts off with traffic which grows overtime. Its topics are always relevant although they might not be considered “hot” to dominate the search trends. Many evergreen articles are written not just to provide information to its readers but to give them some sort of benefits and practical knowledge.

    For additional information, here are the six types of articles that dominate the internet today:

    1. News – this is classified as current content. It’s a report of the latest events on all aspects of human interest, including celebrity gossip.

    2. Commentaries – are actually current events which are injected with the author’s opinions, views, or advice.

    3. How Tos – these are instructional articles that that teach their readers the processes of doing certain things.

    4. What is – these are educational articles designed to provide definitions and in-depth coverage of a specific subject matter.

    5. Lists – are articles that inform readers where things are ranked according to their impact, usefulness or practicality. Ex: Top 10 Reasons Why You Should Avoid Plastic Bottles.

    6. Reviews – this pertains to product, book or movie reviews which are done by end-users and submitted to review sites.


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