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    Sep 20 th, 2011
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    Web Content Mistakes You Should Avoid

    Website visitors who are happy with what they find on your website are more likely to grant their confidence on it.

    Trust is an important factor in a business relationship. No business transaction is made without the element of trust. Trust is also the major player in any sales you make from your website.

    In order to achieve this, you should avoid committing some mistakes which could give the impression that your website is amateurish, unprofessional or untrustworthy.

    Here are the common web design mistakes you should avoid:

    1. Wrong Use of Fonts

    Standard web fonts with the normal sizes are still the best for your website content. The font color should be dark and should not strain the eyes of the readers as they read through your text. Using bold or large fonts have the tendency to create a bad impression on the reader as it implies that you are shouting.

    2. Wrong Utilization of Graphics

    Large graphics can delay the loading of your website. The delay can trigger your prospect visitors to hit the “Back” button and go to another website instead.

    3. Broken Links

    You should not allow your content to do unfinished business by allowing broken links to exist. You should check all links and ensure that they are working properly.

    4. Wrong Use of Domain Names

    You should make sure that your domain names won’t read differently when they appear on the web. For example, a domain about Pen Island can give the wrong impression when you write it as

    5. Putting Features above Benefits

    Putting features above benefits is a counterproductive way of selling. People are more attracted to benefits rather than features. When creating content, you should be able to answer your prospects’ question which says: “What’s in it for me?”

    6. Writing for Search Engines

    Web copies should be written for people and not for search engines. You should not over optimize your copy [with keywords] in order for it to make sense.

    7. Browser Compatibility

    You should test your website’s compatibility with all of the popular web browsers to ensure that they display properly.

    If you are planning to build a business website, you should keep in mind that getting traffic is its primary purpose and closing a sale is its ultimate objective. Style and appearance is one of the factors that make a website impressive. But optimizing it with search engines makes it more likely to realize its objectives.

    When you design your website, you must be sure to get someone who has a good understanding of SEO. This will make your website attractive to human users and search engines as well.


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