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    Feb 21 st, 2012
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    Ways to Turn Your Blog into a Traffic Generator Part2

    This is the last of a two-part series that covers effective ways to turn your blog into a traffic generator.

    In this issue, we will tackle four more techniques that can help to make your blog generate traffic. This is an important component to determine its potential for revenue.

    7. Submit your posts to top social bookmarking sites.

    Social bookmarking sites are websites which people use to classify and save links to web pages that they want to remember and share.

    Social bookmarking is the process of submitting your posts to social bookmarking sites to allow members of those sites to visit your website or blog. It is about people with similar interests and passions sharing posts.

    One way to have your posts or pages socially bookmarked is by putting plugins of those sites in your own blog. Some of the most popular social bookmarking sites include Twitter, Digg, StumbleUpon, Reddit and Delicious.

    8. Convert your posts into PDFs and upload them to top document sharing sites.

    Bring your old posts to good use by converting them to PDF files and uploading them to top 10 document sharing sites on the web.

    Before uploading your file, you should make sure that each page bears your name, URL and contact information. Thousands of people visit document sharing sites everyday and some of them could visit your blog if they happen to like your content.

    By uploading your PDF articles to document sharing sites, you are actually creating backlinks to your website. This can help to generate traffic and improve your site’s popularity with the search engines.

    9. Use videos to promote your blog.

    Video is the latest fad in the virtual world and its popularity continues to grow by the day. Search engines love videos, and they are an effective means of boosting the visibility of your site.

    You should be flexible by adapting to the latest in marketing technology. Create your videos now and be sure to optimize it for the search engines by including your URL in your video and infusing your keywords in its title, description and tags.

    Upload your video to YouTube, other video sharing sites and your own blog. This can help to draw some video buffs to your website.

    10. Set up an RSS feed on your blog.

    Setting up an RSS feed on your website or blog is one of the easiest ways to have it syndicated.

    By putting an RSS feed button on your blog, you are offering to keep your visitors automatically alerted each time you publish new content. RSS feeds allow your audience to read your blog without them having to remember your URL and to physically enter your site to check if you have added new content or not.

    These are some of the ways to generate traffic to your blog. Use them to help your blog earn money for you.

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