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    Sep 11 th, 2011
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    Top Six Article Directories on the Web

    Article directories are websites that accept and publish articles from registered authors on various categories. Most of the authors run websites of their own their articles include information about themselves together with a link that leads the reader to their website for more information.

    Submitting articles to article directories is a form of internet marketing that has worked well for years. This has become a very good source of traffic for many article marketers.

    The influx of articles on the web opened the way for the growth of thousands of article directories. But because many article marketers resorted to spamming the directories with inferior or low-quality articles, standards had been set which prompted good directories to employ human editors to review and screen the articles. This had set the difference between reputable directories from mediocre ones.

    Choosing reliable and popular directories for your articles is better than submitting them to many which couldn’t help to drive traffic to your website. Writing quality articles which are acceptable by the standards of popular directories is worth the effort.

    Here are the top 10 article directories where you can submit your articles for good results:

    1. Suite 101

    This is a high quality article directory with a high page rank and lots of quality traffic as well. If you want to write for Suite 101, you have to fill up an application form which asks you to disclose your writing experience and the reason why you want to write for them. This site is best for people who have already published articles on the web. It also pays you based on the ad revenues of your work.

    2. EzineArticles

    This is one of the most popular article directories on the web today. This site is also well respected by Google because of its writing standards and popularity. This article directory employs human editors to review your articles before these are approved and finally published.

    3. ArticleBase

    This is another directory which Google has a lot of respect for. It also has a wide audience base which can help to drive lots of traffic to your website. Their editing standards are not as stringent as the one implemented by EzineArticles. This site is therefore a good place to start if you are new to article marketing.

    4. Buzzle

    Buzzle is a high quality directory that accepts nothing less than unique and original articles. Articles published in this directory are often ranked high in search engines.

    5. WebProNews

    This is another high quality, high PR directory that only accepts original articles which are not published elsewhere on the web.

    6. ArticleCity

    This directory has a high page rank and a wide audience base. This site is respected by Google and its editing standards are not as strict as EzineArticles. ArticleCity is also a good place to start for newbies.


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