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    Nov 14 th, 2011
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    Top Four Ways to Distribute Content

    Traffic is what web content is aiming to attract on the web. This is the reason why a majority of content providers and online marketers desire to have their content exposed to many people.

    You are not utilizing your articles’ potential for maximum exposure if you only let them stay in your blog or website. You can actually increase your articles’ potential to drive traffic to your website by distributing them on the web.

    Here are the top four ways to distribute content in the World Wide Web:

    1. Post your articles on your blog or website

    Your blog or website is the center of your blog distribution. You should place the first version of your article in your blog or website to have it indexed by search engines for ranking purposes.

    2. Submit your articles to top article directories

    One of the most popular article directories today is Ezinearticles, where you can submit your article to increase its exposure and potential to drive traffic to your website.

    But you don’t have to submit the original version of your article to article directories because some of them do not accept articles which are already published elsewhere and they have a way to check it. Besides, search engines do index only the first version of the article. This means that the rest won’t receive any rankings after the original is indexed.

    In order to go around with this obstacle, you have to rewrite at least 20 percent of your original article before submitting it to Ezinearticles. After your article is approved and published on Ezinearticles, you can proceed to submit it on the other top article directories such as Articlebase and Goarticles for added exposure.

    3. Promote your articles in social networking sites

    A majority of computer literate people are members of social networking sites such as Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. These sites can help in the promotion of your business when you let people know that an update is available in your blog. Your online friends can help in spreading your article by sharing it with their other friends and online contacts.

    4. Convert your articles into videos

    You can enhance your article’s potential to drive traffic by converting them into videos and submitting them to YouTube and other video sharing sites for added exposure.

    There are lots of article to video converters which can help you in converting your written articles to videos. Just make sure to optimize your videos by including your URL in the description, meta-tag and in your last slide to guide viewers to your website.


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