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    Nov 3 rd, 2011
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    Top Eight Attributes of Effective Sales Copies

    Writing effective sales copies is an important skill that you can use for a decent living and to help businesses generate sales. Skills are learned and you can master them by way of consistent practice and the use of common sense.

    In order to know what factors make a sales copy effective, you should be able to identify them. Here are the top eight attributes of an effective sales copy:

    1. Knowledge and belief in your product

    As a copywriter, you need to have a thorough knowledge of your own product so that you can have a firm belief in its capabilities. Your knowledge and belief (or lack of it) in your product will clearly show in your sales copy. You should research your product very well in order to get the confidence that you need in making your sales pitch.

    2. Sub-headings

    Each word in a sales copy is useful. But there are certain points which you need to emphasize to capture your readers’ attention and you can do this by using sub-headings.

    Just be sure to keep your sub-headings as short and attention-grabbing as possible.

    3. Benefits

    In these times when economy is down, people want to get the best for their money. They are no longer interested in products and their features but what the product can do for them to solve their problems. Your sales copy should be able to emphasize the benefits that it can do to your customer. This will help them in making that important decision to purchase.

    4. Testimonials

    Testimonials are proofs that real people have used your product and it has benefited them in many ways. Use credible testimonials and be sure that your product can actually deliver what people said it would.

    5. P.S.

    A P.S at the end of a sales copy can be an effective call-to- action which your reader might need in making a last minute decision.

    6. Effective Headline

    An attention-grabbing headline is the first item that attracts prospects into reading and knowing what your copy is promoting. Headlines that attract your attention will most likely have the same effect on your readers. You can make those headlines as your template or model. It would be best to include power words that can arouse reader curiosity which will compel them to read on.

    7. A sense of urgency

    A sales copy which gives its reader a little push by creating a sense of urgency can sometimes help to make them decide to buy. Using phrases such as ‘Limited Offer Only’ or ‘Offer Good While Supply Lasts’ can help to make your prospect decide to buy at the instant.

    8. No grammar and spelling mistakes

    A sales copy which contains grammar and spelling mistakes is shouting ‘amateur’ to the reader and its credibility is reduced. Before publishing your sales copy, you should see to it that it is 100 percent free from grammar and spelling errors.


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