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    Jan 19 th, 2012
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    Top 8 Qualities of Successful Writers

    Writers are not born; they are made. And even though writing requires talent, it is actually a skill that you can hone through consistent practice and a persistent desire for improvement.

    Writers will not succeed if they rely on sheer talent alone. They are endowed with characteristics that make them stand the test of time, technology and attitude.

    Here are eight most common qualities of successful writers:

    1. They have a mindset for success.

    Successful writers have a sense of direction. For every stage of their career, they have a definite goal, and they focus on that goal until they are able to achieve it. They do not allow negativity to get in their way to success.

    2. They maintain a daily journal.

    Most successful writers maintain a journal that contains their observations in the world that they move around. This helps them to remember details of what actually happened as they saw it. This can help to give them an accurate description of the event when they relate what they have observed.

    3. They practice writing everyday.

    Writers who are determined to succeed have this desire for continuous improvement. They want to become better everyday by consistent daily practice. But they don’t just write for the sake of practicing, they practice by finishing an article in a preset length of time.

    4. They recognize their writing strengths and weaknesses and write with their strengths.

    It is important for a writer to identify his writing strengths and weaknesses. Successful writers are able to understand this early on and it helps them to succeed because they use their writing strengths for their own advantage. It helps them to choose the right projects which can allow them to produce their best.

    5. They write with feelings.

    Most written pieces involve emotion. It is one of the things that can help to arouse reader interest. Good writers write with feelings and are able to evoke these in their readers.

    6. They are detail oriented.

    Excellent writers are good at putting the right details in to their writing. They know how to perfectly balance details with the other elements of their story to hold reader interest. Too much detail can be boring as it can divert the real focus and intention of a story.

    7. They have the ability to hold the reader.

    Successful writers understand what their audience wants. They have the ability to catch their reader’s attention and keep them interested until they have finished reading his written piece. Through constant practice, they are able to develop rhythm, pacing and the use of appropriate words that gives their readers a vivid picture of what they want to convey.

    8. They have great motivation to write.

    Motivation is one of the greatest elements for success in the writing profession. It is the factor that keeps them up in the face of challenges and distractions. It helps them to fight two of the most destructive enemies of writers: writer’s block and procrastination.


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