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    Feb 23 rd, 2012
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    Top 7 PLR Companies to Consider when Buying Web Content

    Using private label rights articles for your site is one of the ways to fill it with content that doesn’t require you to spend time on research. They’re also easy on your budget, and all you need to do is modify them slightly to avoid duplication.

    But it doesn’t necessarily mean that you just can jump into any PLR company to produce quality content. You need to find a company that has sufficient knowledge of your niche. The quality of the PLR you use helps to determine the quality of your finished article.

    Here are some of the top PLR companies that you need to consider when buying web content.

    1. ALL Private Label Content

    This company comes first on the list because it produces high quality PLRs at affordable prices. It covers 26 niche topics plus a one-month free access to their members-only forum. On top of these, the company also offers a list of affiliate programs to help you monetize your articles.

    2. Green Living PLR

    Green Living PLR is a private label rights company that writes about topics that deal strictly with green topics such as building green and alternative energy.

    You can avail of their products by buying a one-time package or a monthly PLR membership which offers 20 PLR articles, a special report, suggested affiliate programs and a list of uses of your green PLRs.

    3. InfoGoRound

    InfoGoRound is a PLR company that specializes in more than 40 categories including business, health and fitness, computers and Internet, home and family and entertainment and recreation.

    Their products include professional website graphics packages which you can use to enhance your content. The company also allows you to format your articles by using their site’s built-in formatting tools.

    4. Niche Content Packages

    Aside from its high-quality products, Niche Content Packages also allows you to build an affiliate site on topics such as Pets and Animals, Computers and Internet, Finance and Investment, Education, Business, Health, Home and Garden, Self-Improvement, Sports and many more.

    6. Private Label Central

    Private Label Central is a PLR company whose articles are written by professionals in their field. This is to ensure that you will get the meatiest and most informative article for your money. Their price here is higher than most PLR sites which hire cheap writers that produce boring stuff. You won’t get disappointed with this company because their writers write with ample knowledge in what they’re writing about.

    7. Yummy PLR

    Yummy PLR is a company that specializes in the production of PLR recipes. It offers memberships which include 10 cooking and food articles and 30 recipes which are written in Word .doc format.


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