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    Mar 1 st, 2012
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    Top 7 Factors of Online Marketing Success

    Just like any other business endeavor, online marketing is covered by certain factors that are essential for its success.

    This article intends to give you five proven factors of online marketing success.

    1. Clear Vision and Goal

    A sound vision and goal gives your marketing campaign a sense of direction.

    2. Education

    Education is always important in any endeavor. As an online marketer, you need to educate yourself with the fundamentals of marketing in order to avoid costly or time-wasting mistakes.

    Before you begin with your marketing campaign, it would be advantageous to you if you work to educate yourself on the following:

    i. Search Engine Optimization ii. Web Analytics iii. E-Mail Marketing iv. Blogging and Podcasting v. Social Media Marketing vi. Online Advertising & Pay-Per-Click vii. Mobile Web Marketing

    3. Basic search engine optimization techniques

    Search engine optimization is an important strategy that helps to get your content easily seen by search engines. It usually refers to the use of strategic keywords in your title tags and content or sales pages.

    SEO helps to attract traffic which can lead to conversions or sales.

    4. Consistent Promotion and Advertising

    Promoting your business by way of article marketing, forum posting or social media marketing can greatly help to drive traffic to your business website.

    But you also need to prepare sufficient budget for paid advertising such as pay-per-click advertising to boost your sales.

    5. Easy and Convenient Payment Options

    Customers are attracted to business promotions that offer easy and convenient payment methods. An easy buying process also helps to get customers coming to your website.

    To know if your system works for the convenience of your customers, ask honest feedbacks from your customers. You can also ask someone to test your website’s user-friendliness to see the typical customer experiences when someone shops in your website.

    6. Clean, Easy to Navigate Website

    Even if your products are impressive, you won’t be able to easily make a sale if your visitors find it hard to see what they’re looking for.

    You can do this by providing your site with a search box. This will help your customers easily find the products that they want. You can also make your site easy to navigate by installing it with a sitemap.

    7. Listening to Customer Feedback

    One of the most important objectives of marketing is customer satisfaction. By listening to customer complaints, suggestions and feedback, you will be able to know how your marketing efforts fared. It will also help you to discover ways to serve them better.


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