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    Feb 23 rd, 2012
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    Top 6 Affiliate Networks 2012

    All website and blog owners certainly want their sites to earn money for them. After all, that’s what websites are for.

    The most common ways to monetize a website or blog include posting Google Adsense ads and joining affiliate programs.

    In this article, we will reveal the popular affiliate networks which can help your website earn hundreds of dollars each month for you. But first, we will have to understand how this is possible.

    To start with, you must first make sure that your site qualifies with your prospect affiliate network’s domain age and minimum traffic requirements. The next thing you need to do is to apply for membership with the affiliate site with your website as your publishing platform.

    As your application is accepted, they will visit your website to see if your it complies with their minimum requirements. Once they are satisfied, they will approve your application and allow you to post its member advertisers’ ads on your site.

    Having known the procedure in applying for membership with affiliate networks, you are now ready to know the top six affiliate networks as of February 2012.

    1) Commission Junction (

    Commission junction is an affiliate network which acts as a middleman between your publisher and your advertiser. You have to register and qualify here before you are permitted to get the ads. CJ has lots of advertisers and you have to select the ones whose products are related to your niche. This will help to target that product to the right market.

    Through CJ, your advertiser will pay you for any action that your visitor does with their ads, like clicking it to visit their website to register there or make a purchase. CJ pays you monthly for the revenue that your website earns.

    You can join CJ for free.

    2) Affiliate Seeking (

    You don’t need to spend a penny to join this affiliate network. It also serves as an intermediate between your publisher and the site’s advertiser members. Advertisers here offer different incentives for each sale, signup or visit that they get through your site.

    3. Element5 (

    Element5 is an affiliate network which allows you to partner with software publishers and earn money for using your site to promote their products.

    You can join element5 for free.

    4. Clickbank (

    Many affiliate marketers consider Clickbank as the best affiliate network. It specializes in the sales and promotion of downloadable products such as software and e-books. Clickbank Vendors offer up to 75 percent commission for every sale that you make as an affiliate. This affiliate network also deducts 7 percent plus one dollar from your commission as processing fee.

    Creating an account with Clickbank is free.

    5. LinkShare (

    Linkshare is an affiliate network, online marketing, lead generation and search marketing specialist with over 600 clients which include Fortune 500 companies, and about 10,000 affiliates.

    Signing up for LinkShare is 100 percent free.

    6. ShareASale (

    This network lists more than 400 merchants from almost 50 industries. They offer good commissions, but they deduct 20 percent from your affiliate revenue as service charge.

    You can join ShareASale as an affiliate for free.


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