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    Aug 15 th, 2012
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    Top 5 Video Marketing Myths Busted

    The Video is slowly positioning itself as an effective online marketing tool. It can easily be proven by the two million views that YouTube gets everyday. It only reinforces the premise that video sharing sites are a big market that businesses should consider.

    Many online marketers are inclined to produce videos as a major part of their marketing campaigns, but some of them are hesitant because they are bothered by unfounded beliefs that keep them from taking the first step.

    For the sake of clarification, this article would like to enumerate the most common video marketing myths and the truths behind them. Here they are:

    1. Producing videos is too expensive.

    Online marketing videos need not be expensive. They are not like the advertisements that you see on TV which are done by highly-paid celebrities and advertising companies.

    Unlike TV commercials, online marketing videos only need to have quality images, lighting, and information. They should be able to deliver the information that its target audience wants. But they need to be brief yet concise, meaty, and optimized to be able to give you the views and possible traffic that you need for your business.

    2. Videos are difficult to create.

    Many aspiring video marketers think that online videos are difficult to create and produce. Well, it could be if you plan to do it on your own the very first time without even taking time out to learn the basics.

    Remember that when you write online articles, you write how you talk. If you can write that way, you can also speak it. You just have to be yourself when you face the camera to produce better content.

    What’s more important is your chance to give a face to your brand, show your product and their benefits to your prospects, and make their lives easier by just sitting back and relax while harvesting the information you provide.

    But you should always remember that it needs practice to produce a great video.

    3. It is too embarrassing.

    Many online marketers are deterred from creating videos for marketing because they think they don’t have the face to face the camera.

    Remember, marketing is not about you; it is about your prospects’ needs and how you can deliver it to them. If you don’t have the guts to face the camera, you can use other people in your organization to represent your business or product. And nobody ever said that you need to produce a Hollywood quality video to attract viewer attention. Online video viewers prefer to watch videos produced by people of everyday life. They prefer to see videos of real people honestly talking about their experiences, their expertise and opinions for free. They don’t need to see high quality images of actors who are paid to say something about a product or brand.

    4. Videos have limited SEO value.

    This is one of the most biased claims about online videos. Modern search engines especially Google are now programmed to favor videos than other forms of content. Producing optimized videos is therefore a new and better way to expose your product and expertise. It also effectively works to make your content and web page visible.

    5. Videos are only for big businesses.

    The belief that videos are only for big businesses is a big mistake. The cost-effectiveness of videos has leveled the playing field tat separates big businesses from small ones in terms of online product promotion and visibility.

    With the advent of affordable video equipment and professional video services, it is time for small businesses to reach millions of video viewers to expose their products and services. Gone are the days when only big time businesses are privileged to promote their products.

    The World Wide Web has made it possible for small businesses to compete with big companies in terms of online exposure. All they need to do is create interesting, informative and optimized videos that can capture the attention of humans and search engines.


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