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    Jan 5 th, 2012
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    Top 5 Reasons Why Video Marketing Works for Your Business

    Video is gaining popularity as an effective tool for conveying information on the web today. Many people who used to read pages of text have learned to appreciate video for its convenience and ease of use.

    This has made YouTube the most popular video sharing site on the web at present. With millions of people who visit the site each day, YouTube has practically won the approval of most Internet users around the world.

    The popularity of YouTube has made video an effective Internet marketing method.

    Here are some of the reasons why video marketing works for your business:

    1. Many people prefer to watch video than read long pages of text

    Written articles were a hit when computers were not fitted with audio and video utilities. Now that video creation and playback tools are easily available in any computer, video has slowly taken the front seat not only because of its convenience but also because it makes us see and hear what we want to know.

    2. Videos are more engaging than written text

    Video are more engaging to your audience because it gives them a visual experience that written text cannot provide. When you are able to give a visual presentation of what you have to offer to your target audience, it makes you more credible.

    3. Video marketing helps to drive traffic to your website

    It is common knowledge that the objective of content marketing is to drive traffic to a website or business in order to generate sales.

    Video marketing is designed for the same purpose, because it allows you to put your URL, keywords and description to optimize it for search engines. They are also globally available 24 hours a day seven days a week. You can never underestimate its power to drive traffic to your website.

    4. You can upload as many videos as you want

    Large video sharing sites like YouTube allow its users to create their own channel where they can upload as many videos as they want and provide as much information about their niche or field of expertise. This will help you to build your brand online. It also enables you to establish a relationship with your audience, develop your credibility, and position yourself as someone that your audience can run to for answers regarding your niche.

    5. Online marketing Videos are cost effective

    With the advent of video editing software and inexpensive video equipment, marketing videos have become a cost effective way to generate traffic and eventual sales. You just have to see to it that your videos have the quality which is capable of giving your viewers a great viewing experience. You can also hire video marketing professionals who are willing to produce your videos at reasonable costs.


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