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    Jul 10 th, 2012
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    Top 5 Places to Submit Content to Get Traffic

    Web traffic is one of the most important factors that determine website popularity and profitability. It is the very reason and purpose why websites try to flirt with search engines through search engine optimization.

    Getting some traffic requires effort and time, and it involves the application of the use of known strategies like article marketing and online video marketing.

    One of the most common ways of increasing business exposure is content syndication. It involves the creation of content, particularly articles and videos and submitting them to different websites and platforms in order to capture the interest of some of the visitors of those sites and take them into your own site to learn more about your niche or products and services.

    Here are five of the most popular places where you can submit content to get traffic:

    1. Article Directories

    Article directories are places where people can find informative articles on just about any niche on the planet. Among the most popular of these article directories include and These sites are visited by thousands of people every day and some of them might just be looking for information about your topic.

    Article directories are a good place to get traffic from and there are hundreds of them on the web. But you don’t need to submit your articles to all of them as it would be too taxing; you only need to focus on the top 10 or 20 article directories because this is where quality traffic can come from.

    2. YouTube

    YouTube is visited by billions of people each month. This is a solid manifestation that online video enthusiasts are a force to reckon with as far as potential for traffic is concerned.

    You can convert your articles into videos and submit them to YouTube to boost your exposure.

    3. Document Sharing Sites

    Document sharing sites such as, and are good places to go if you have PDF documents to share. You can also convert your blog posts PDF documents and submit them to document sharing sites to boost your traffic potential.

    4. Press Release

    A press release is a news story or an announcement of a business about its new developments or offers.

    You can also tweak your blog post and present them as a third party story, convert them into a press release and submit them to press release sites. Press releases can help to get more traffic for your website.

    5. Social Networking Sites

    Social networking sites such as Facebook and Twitter are the latest inclusions to the places that can give additional exposure and traffic to your website. By promoting your content and posting its link on these sites, they will become visible to the members of your community and people who like it would share it with their other friends. This gives you multiple chances for traffic and it can give a great boost to your traffic and sales.

    These are some of the top places to go for content distribution. Try these to promote your business and see how it can help to make your business grow.


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