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    Jan 11 th, 2012
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    Top 5 Mistakes SEO Professionals Shouldn’t Do

    Search engine optimization is a method that can help your website to generate traffic and increase its presence on the web. The aim to get noticed by the search engines and human Internet users has sparked the growth of many SEO professionals. This is because of the presence of thousands and even millions of websites aiming to improve their rankings in the search results page.

    As a website owner or webmaster who is planning to engage the services of an SEO professional, you should be able to employ a good one. But you have to know them first before you decide to hire one of them. You will know them if they keep on committing any of the five mistakes that SEO professionals shouldn’t do. Here they are:

    1. They keep on using jargon that you don’t understand

    It is their primary obligation to simplify the terms that they use to let you understand what they are about to do to your website. Their effort to impress is quite understandable at first. But if they keep on using difficult terms that only their fellow professionals can understand, you would be misled. You should ask them to explain their plan in terms you can understand otherwise find someone else.

    2. They don’t respond to your queries within a reasonable length of time

    You surely want to monitor the progress of the SEO agency you hired to work on your website. If they quickly respond to your messages and update you on their progress, it’s a good sign that they doing their job. But if they don’t respond to your queries within a reasonable length of time, it is signal that you need to replace them with a more committed firm.

    3. They emphasize on your mistakes without suggesting how to do it correctly

    You want to hire an SEO firm because you want your site to be professionally optimized. If you have already placed content on your site and you attempted to optimize it, chances are they could contain lots of errors.

    If your SEO agency is a professional, it should be able to tell you what they can do to make your site better. But if they will capitalize on your mistakes without making any suggestions, it’s a sign for you to look for a more professional SEO firm.

    4. They focus on just one or two areas of SEO

    Search engine optimization utilizes lot of tactics to maximize your exposure on the web. These include the proper use of keywords, meta tags, backlinks, social media and content distribution. If your SEO firm focuses only on one or two areas of SEO, you have reason to doubt that their knowledge about it is limited. They should be able to present to you a plan which uses multiple techniques to optimize your site.

    5. Poor English skills

    Much of the work in search engine optimization involves writing information that can be seen online. If your SEO professional communicates with you in broken English, you should be concerned because it can affect your website. Excellent English is a primary requirement for quality content. You must be sure to have it in your website otherwise your SEO efforts won’t be able to deliver the results you desire.


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