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    May 30 th, 2012
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    Top 5 Freelance Writing Jobs Online

    The age of information and internet technology has given freelance writing a boost. This is mainly because of the huge demand for content created by websites and blogs, and partly because anyone can become freelance writer.

    The Internet has also opened an easy communication line for writers and their potential clients. This has made online freelance writing a lucrative profession in this generation.

    The World Wide Web has plenty of opportunities for online writers to take advantage of. They consist of jobs that offer varying levels of compensation.

    But for the purpose of identifying the most popular and rewarding of these writing careers, this article would like to let you know the top five freelance writing jobs available online. Here they are:

    1. Online Marketing Content Writing

    With the establishment of millions of business websites on the web, the demand for online marketing content has blown up to gigantic proportions.

    Writers who have a knack for information and marketing prefer this job because it gives them the chance to earn while doing what they love to do.

    2. E-Book Writing

    An eBook is an electronic version of a printed book and it can be viewed and read with the use of a computer. The demand for eBook writers is increasing.

    This freelance writing opportunity is created by businesses and websites that intend to promote their products and services in an indirect manner.

    3. Academic Report Writing

    Although the job has become controversial, writing academic reports for students has gained popularity. Many freelance writers have embarked on this job as it can make them earn for writing what they know. It also gives benefits them by way of improving their research skills.

    4. Press Release Writing

    Press release writing is what most companies and businesses offer to freelance writers. It is a method of writing that helps to promote a business online either by publishing information about a company’s developments and events, or the launching of a new product or service.

    5. Copy Writing

    Copywriting has made a crossover from the printed text to the internet. Many business websites employ freelance writers to develop content for the promotion of their products and services.

    Copywriting is one of the most lucrative freelance writing careers available on the web today.

    These are some of the online freelance writing jobs that you can embark on. These jobs don’t have standard educational requirements. But the most important qualifications that you can have to get any of these jobs are writing and editing skills, professionalism dedication and commitment.


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