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    Sep 2 nd, 2012
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    Top 5 Article Directories that Offer Optimum Visibility

    Even with the advent of advanced online marketing methods like online video marketing, article marketing still occupies a decent portion of the Internet marketing pie. Many people still see it as an effective way to attract search engines and humans, and one of the most popular ways that they do to promote the visibility of their businesses is content syndication.

    Content syndication is the process of distributing content to a lot of different platforms on the web, and its main purpose is to enhance the exposure and visibility of a website or business. Submitting articles to high ranking article directories can help to build traffic for your website.

    There are hundreds of article sites on the web, but you don’t actually need to submit your content to all of them. You only need to choose a few sites with the biggest audience base to reach your target market.

    Here are the top five article directories that you can submit your articles to for optimum visibility:


    This is one of the most popular and respected article sites on the web today. It is highly ranked by both Alexa and Google, yet it is completely free. It can also help to take you off to a good start with its tutorial videos and article marketing newsletters. The articles you submit to this site are checked by human editors and it takes days before your articles get approved and published. This site however, has a paid option that offers faster publication to paying members.


    This is an article submission site that is capable of publishing content that contains videos, photos and other media. It allows you to build your own “hub” for your content where your followers can go to see all your content submissions. This site is also free to use.


    Article Base is another free site with great potential to enhance your visibility. It offers more than just publishing your message because it has a utility that records and keeps track of the number of views that each of your articles receives. It can also show you the number of click-throughs each of your articles has generated.


    It is a boutique-type article submission site that requires you apply and seek approval before allowing you to submit content. Many publishers go to this site when they look for articles to re-publish.

    5. Yahoo! Voices

    Yahoo! Voices is a division of Yahoo that focuses on online publishing. It is a contributor network for almost every valid topic in the planet. You can join this site for free. It also allows you to earn income based on the performance of your content that it publishes.

    These are some of the most popular article submission sites that can help to maximize the exposure of your content. You need to register with them to be allowed to submit your articles. You are also required to observe submission guidelines in order to have your articles accepted.

    You should not forget to include a resource box or author bio that contains a link to your website. This is the most important part of your article. It is the one that takes your readers to your own site.


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