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    Dec 8 th, 2011
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    Top 4 Myths of Article Writing

    The quality of your articles is highly important in the article marketing industry. It says many things about you and it reflects you as the author.

    Your articles are seen all over the world. Most readers want to regard them as a work of an expert. They are easily turned off by typos, misspellings and grammatical errors. These can give them the impression that you’re an amateur no matter how extensive your knowledge about your subject matter is.

    The quality of your articles indicates your deep regard for your readers. They also help to increase the number of publishers who are willing to accept your article submissions.

    But there are misconceptions about articles that can mislead content providers and article marketers. This can make them produce low quality articles which can lead to poor traffic.

    Here are four top myths of article writing:

    1. Articles with perfect grammar and spelling sound very formal

    Correct grammar and spelling are measures of professionalism and respect for the English language. But it doesn’t mean that your articles need to sound like a doctoral thesis. Most websites and article directories present their articles in a friendly, conversational tone. You should present your article in this manner, but you need to maintain their quality to make them appealing to your target audience.

    2. There are no specific grammar rules in the English language

    This is absolutely untrue because both the British and American English languages have definite grammar rules.

    3. Your articles need not be grammatically correct as long as they’re understandable

    Your articles are not text or instant messages that allow you to get away with bad grammar and spelling. Your articles are intended to promote your products or services and your readers will judge your business based on the quality of your content.

    You should do your best to produce quality articles. You cannot measure the benefits they can give your business if readers and publishers find them useful.

    4. Proofreading is a waste of time, after all, article marketing is all about building links

    People submit articles to article directories and authority sites to build links. But you need to proofread your articles to ensure that they are acceptable to these sites and their audience. Remember, you articles reflect you and your business. You should ensure that they carry quality and value.


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