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    Aug 19 th, 2012
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    Top 4 Methods to Drive Traffic to Your Site

    It is common knowledge that traffic is the most important element that makes the wheel of online businesses turn. The World Wide Web is a virtual market, but it cannot function normally without real people that conduct business in it. This is the very reason why website owners and operators do their best to produce content that attracts people and search engines. Online business is still business in its deepest sense and it won’t work without visitors that make up the traffic that it needs.

    Here are some of the most popular methods that website owners use to drive traffic to their websites:

    1. Search Engine Optimization

    Search engine optimization or SEO is one of the most popular strategies that online marketers and content providers use to enhance the visibility of their businesses in the online market.

    It is done in various ways but its main purpose is to enable search engines to list your web pages at the top of search results pages. Websites that occupy prominent spots in the search results have higher potentials of attracting traffic than its competitors that are listed beyond the top three spots in the search engine results.

    Many website owners and operators choose to hire professional SEO service providers to optimize their websites.

    2. Pay per click Advertising

    Per per click advertising is an effective strategy of generating traffic especially if your website is new and just starting out with its business. Ads that are done through the PPC method occupy prominent places in the search results because their advertisers pay for those spots.

    PPC advertising requires you to invest some money for the added exposure that your site receives. It can surely attract traffic but it is no guarantee for sales.

    3. Article marketing

    Before the panda and the penguin updates were introduced on Google’s algorithm, article marketing was the top traffic generation strategy used by online marketers. But despite its decrease in the online marketing arena, it is still an effective means of promoting an online business as long as the articles used are original, optimized, useful, and not spammy.

    Article marketing is also one of the better tools that you can use to create back links and improve your exposure and rankings.

    4. Blogging

    Establishing a blog that works to connect you to customers and prospects is another way to effectively boost your traffic. You can use it to interact with your audience, and listen to their feedback, concerns and suggestions. You can also utilize it as a platform of possible solutions to your target market’s problems.

    These are the top four methods that people use to drive traffic to their websites. Use any or all of these tools in your website to boost your traffic and increase your potential for conversion and sales.


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