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    Mar 1 st, 2011
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    Top 3 Tips Of Proofreading Your Sales Copy

    This article is for all copywriters who are looking to improve their existing services to their clients. I’d like to discuss the topic of proofreading. Most people only pay attention to obvious grammatical / spelling errors, overlooking many other blunders. Hopefully, my advice will help you no matter if you’re copywriting for a client, or for yourself – the end result will be a better, higher-converting sales copy.


    • Proper formatting
    • Misplaced sentences
    • An opportunity to insert a powerful headline

    Appealing formatting will make the overall effect of the sales letter more professional and sharp. Sentences that are indented in one paragraph but not in another, for example, can throw a reader off. Using every color of the rainbow in every highlighted headline gets to be annoying, also; sticking to a brief color scheme is a must.

    Misplaced sentences are sentences that would make more sense or provide higher impact on the reader in another place. Perhaps you need to shift it up or down a paragraph, or cut it and paste it in an altogether separate section of the sales pitch. Look for opportunities to focus your reader on one point at a time.

    An opportunity to insert a powerful headline arises when you have boring paragraphs after paragraphs of text. Just straight lines of sentences, one paragraph, then another, then another… it gets frustrating to read, and the reader is forced to skim. You don’t want that; you want the reader to see everything that you’ve got to say. A good headline can serve as a nice break between two separate parts of a sales page.

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