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    Feb 28 th, 2012
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    Top 3 Methods of Submitting Articles

    One of the most effective ways to syndicate content is by submitting articles to article directories. It also helps to get your site a steady flow of visitors while it enhances your site’s popularity with humans and search engines as well.

    There are three popular methods of submitting articles to article directories. In this article, we will take them up together with their pros and cons.

    1. Manual Submission

    This type of submission is best suited for people who have the time to do it. In manual submission, you will create a list of article submission directories where you will submit your content manually every time you produce an article.


    – You own the list and you control it totally. Adding new sites and deleting the ones that no longer exist is all up to you.


    – It’s labor intensive and you need to update it constantly.

    2. Article Submission Service

    Article submission services are companies or sites that offer to submit your articles for a fee. You can choose to pay per article or get a weekly, monthly or annual subscription.


    – It helps to save submission time by having the service submit your articles to hundreds of article directories.

    – It gives you more time to write more articles. It can translate to an increase in traffic and enhanced visibility.

    – It allows you to schedule submission.

    – All the publishers listed are active.

    – Submission is easy. You are only required to provide the details of your article and the article submission service does the rest.

    – It doesn’t require you to purchase software.

    – It guarantees good results.


    – Article submission services are quite expensive.

    – You don’t have total control where your articles will be submitted.

    3. Article Submission Software

    Article submission software is software which is intended to submit articles for you. It is downloadable and you can install it into your computer for a fee.


    – Saves submission time.

    – You can choose where to submit your articles.


    – Article submission software is costly.

    – You need to constantly update its database to make sure that the sites that you submit your articles to are active and existing.

    – It is totally dependent on your computer and your internet connection. You won’t be able to submit if your computer crashes or your internet connection fails.


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