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    Oct 23 rd, 2011
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    Top 10 Words in Copywriting that Trigger Sales Part 2

    We have already discussed the top five most powerful words that trigger sales in online marketing. Below are five more words which you can use to make your sales copies more effective in generating sales.


    Use the words “you,” “your” and “you’re” in a sales letter to signify that it is focused on its reader rather than its author or producer of the product. People wouldn’t really care how great a product is. All they want to know is what can the product do to make their lives better. Your sales letter should be reader-focused. It should appear as a personal message to each one of them to help them address their concerns.


    The age of information and technology has made the word “fast” a byword and a way of life. People have become impatient these days; they want to see immediate results. They wouldn’t mind spending a bit more as long as the results are available in the shortest possible time. Your sales copy should be able to emphasize the speed of the product delivery and the time it takes for the product to deliver its benefits.


    People are most often interested when a sales copy stresses that a product has been proven to be effective and beneficial. This can be made simpler by including testimonials in your sales copy. Prove your claims with testimonies from people who have used your product. It will help to make your sales letter more effective.

    If your product can make your prospects’ lives easier in some way, you should point it out in your sales copy. But you should be sure to support your claims with proofs.


    People would be very happy if you can put added value to their money when they make a purchase. One of the best ways to trigger a sale is to offer bonuses as a plus for an actual purchase. A bonus is something extra that a buyer gets in addition to the item he buys. You should make bonus a part of your regular marketing strategy.


    The word “free” is one of the most effective words in online marketing. People want to avail of freebies in addition to their purchase. You should use the word “free” alongside “bonus” in your sales letters. It will help to make your copy generate more sales.

    Now that you already know the 10 most powerful words that trigger sales in online marketing, you should be able to use them to make your sales copies more effective. Those words can surely help to boost your sales. Just be sure to deliver whatever you promised.

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