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    Oct 23 rd, 2011
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    Top 10 Words in Copywriting that Trigger Sales Part 1

    People communicate with words. It is the most important aspect of interaction that makes people understand each other. Words unite people, it helps to create empires, build businesses, but they can also be used to destroy. Words are so powerful that they have the power to make or break relationships.

    In copywriting, it is usually the words you put into your sales copy which determine the revenue that a product gets from online promotion.

    In this context it is important to know which words have the ability to trigger a psychological effect on the reader and convince them that your product is what they need. Here are the top 10 words in copywriting that trigger sales:


    Letting your readers know that the product you offer has a limited supply can motivate them to take immediate action. It creates a certain sense of urgency on the prospect. It helps to make the prospect decide to buy the product before these are sold out.


    Discounts are great attractions. Everyone loves a bargain and seeing somebody offering a product which is lesser than its regular price is just too irresistible for many people. The global economic downturn is another factor why people are looking for discounts. Offering discounts is one of the best ways to attract buyers.


    A money back guarantee is an indication of a seller’s confidence in his product. With the influx of scammers and deceivers who don’t deliver your money’s worth, you should be able to convince your prospects that you are doing honest business. Offering your prospects a full money-back guarantee should they be unsatisfied with your product can help to boost your sales, but you must be sure to fulfill your promise should any of your buyers change his mind before your guarantee expires.


    The word “new” always catches the attention of a market which is filled with many similar products. New products which can give new benefits always hold an edge in the modern competitive market.


    People want to be benefited for purchasing any product, and one of the benefits they would want to get is its ability to make their job easy and hassle-free.

    These are the top five powerful words that can help to trigger sales in online marketing. Five more words are available on the second part of this series.


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