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    Apr 25 th, 2012
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    Tips for Writing Great Content

    Writing great content is the most common method of driving traffic into websites. Enterprising people who are not quite skilled in writing are even lured into building websites because of the huge marketing potential that the World Wide Web offers. They hire ghost writers to provide content for their sites.

    But article writing is not all that is necessary for the success of any website or business. In order to receive traffic, a website has to have useful, informative, quality content that can attract people and to keep them coming back for more.

    This is relationship building. A website has to win the trust of its readers in order to accomplish its most important objective – generating sales.

    Converting readers into paying customers is every website or business owner’s dream. It’s a process that takes time, effort, patience and persistence to accomplish. And it can be accomplished by writing great content that your target audience loves to read.

    Here are tips that can help you to write great content for your website:

    1. Apply search engine optimization in your articles.

    Search engine optimization or SEO will not become a byword on the web for nothing. It is a powerful tool that can help to boost your website exposure and increase its ranking in the search engines.

    It involves the use of keywords and back links in your articles. Keywords are important words or phrases that Internet users use to find information on the web. If the search engines can find these exact words in your website, your site will appear at the upper portion of the search engine results page. This gives your website an advantage over the others as it has a higher tendency to be visited.

    You should however be careful with the use of keywords. You should not sacrifice the quality and readability of your content just to accommodate them.

    Be sure to place your keywords in strategic places in your article, like its title and its first paragraph. Limit your keyword density to two percent of your content. It can help to ensure that your article does not become a spam in the eyes of the search engine spiders.

    Links or back links on the other hand refer to terms that point back to your website. These are usually infused in articles that are submitted to article directories. They lead readers to your site for more information about the topic that you discuss in your article.

    2. Follow submission guidelines of article directories.

    Article directories implement submission guidelines to ensure that the articles submitted to them are of good quality and in conformance with their standards. They can actually help you to produce quality articles that are worthy of getting published on the web.

    In Internet terms, good content refers to articles that are relevant to your niche or business. They should be interesting, informative, grammatically correct, fresh, and unique. These attributes help to draw readers to your website and prompt publishers to republish your article in their own sites.

    These are some of the most important tips for writing great content to drive traffic. You should always remember that when writing content, you should not fail to include the five elements that to make it enticing and effective. These are keywords and keyword phrases, keyword density, good content with flawless grammar and spelling, back links and a compelling call to action.


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