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    Oct 17 th, 2011
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    Three Ways to Make Blog Posting Easier

    Content is the essence of every blog. The articles you posted on it make up its body and soul. It attracts people and the value it offers is what keeps them coming. The frequency of your updates attracts search engines as well as it keeps your readers coming back for more.

    Blogs have to be updated frequently. This has to be done in order to meet reader expectations. This makes some bloggers and authors pressed for ideas especially if they have other things to do besides writing.

    Here are three ways to make your blog posting easier. These can help you find ideas to post without being pressed for time.

    1. Prepare your posts in advance

    Being prepared in advance is always the best approach of beating pressure especially when schedules have to be met. By working ahead, you will be able to find enough time to produce your best and still find enough breathing space.

    2. Broaden your topics

    A broad range of topics will allow you to get plenty of ideas for your blog. Just be sure that these topics are within the range of your theme. A twist or an approach from a different angle every now and then will enable you to find fresh ideas to deliver to your readers. Dwelling on the same thing for long periods will create pressure on you as you will reach a certain point where you would think that you’re running out of ideas. This will lead you to recycle old ideas which your readers already know.

    Engage your readers by writing about topics related to your blog’s subject matter. It will widen your window of opportunity to write more. It also increases your readers’ interest as it gives them the chance to learn more.

    3. Consider your readers’ comments

    Your readers’ comments are things that you should not ignore for they can give you very important ideas for your future blog entries. Comments can often lead you to a direction where you and your readers will enjoy each other. You are writing for your readers and it is imperative that your primary objective in blogging is to write about topics or issues that captures their interest.

    Reader comments are often an indication of what your readers want you to write about. This will make your life easier because it lets you know what to write – and you don’t have to spend time guessing what topic would be interesting to them.

    These are the three things which can help you to keep your blog updated the easier way. Just remember that quality and value are two of the most important things you should deliver. Readers would not take notice of your update if it’s not filled with fresh, original and informative content.


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