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    Oct 19 th, 2011
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    Three Steps of Effective Article Marketing

    Article marketing is a type of advertising in which businesses promote their products and services by providing useful information related to their industry. It is more than just writing composition for the web without minding if anyone cares to read it or not. It is intended for a targeted audience, to drive traffic and convert visitors into customers.

    Here are the three steps of effective article marketing:

    1. Put keywords in the right places

    Putting keywords in the right places is a strategy that enables search engines to find your content more easily. When you optimize your articles with the right keywords and distribute them in the right places, search engines will rank your work according to its relevance to your key words or phrases.

    Using words or phrases that people use in their searches is also a big factor in making your webpage reach the top of the search results page especially when people type those words in the search box.

    Optimize your content with the help of keyword tools which are able to determine keyword competition and the amount of monthly searches. This will help to ensure that the keywords you use are the ones actually used by people who want to find relevant information online.

    2. Submit your articles to the right directories

    One of the best approaches to expose your articles to the right audience is by submitting them to the most appropriate directories.

    Before you submit your articles online, be sure to submit them to the directories that provide information regarding your particular subject matter.

    3. Select the most appropriate category for your submissions

    When you submit your articles to directories, you should see to it that you have selected the most appropriate category where your content should be placed. This will help to expose your marketing efforts to the right audience. Every directory is made up of categories to make it easier for people to find their topics of interest.

    When you submit your article to the wrong directory, it has a tendency to get “buried” in the tons of articles that dwell on a different subject. Your article won’t be able to drive traffic this way. This could be the worst thing that can happen to your article marketing efforts.


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