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    Oct 6 th, 2011
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    Three Important Roles of Keywords in Your Articles

    The ultimate purpose of article writing is to attract traffic. Articles are the online marketers’ tools in drawing potential customers for their products or services.

    One of the strategies devised by article marketers to increase their online presence is by submitting their articles to different article directories. Article directories are like marketplaces where articles on various areas of endeavor or interest are available for online businesses to re-post.

    There is however, another way you can use to increase your online exposure. This is done by using effective keyword optimization technique. Infusing your articles with words or phrases that people use to find information online will make your content easier to find online. The only thing that’s needed here is a bit of extra effort on your part. But you don’t have to worry about this because you will be pleased with the results.

    Here are the three important roles of keywords in your articles:

    1. It Establish relevance

    Proper use of keywords in your articles establishes relevance. Keywords which are most relevant to your niche build the interest of your readers. Keywords which are strategically placed in the title and in the first and last sentences of the article makes your content search friendly.

    2. It establishes ranking

    Keywords which are relevant to the article can expect a good ranking from the search engines. Modern search engines are able to determine the relevance of your keywords to the premise of your article.

    Articles which are well-optimized with keywords will have a good chance of being ranked highly by search engines. This makes it possible for search engines to locate your article. People can now find your article when they type your keyword or key phrase in the search box.

    3. It increases article exposure

    The strategic infusion of your article with relevant keywords and submitting it to article directories makes your article gain more exposure and a good placement in the search engine rankings. It also multiplies your chances of driving traffic a number of times.

    As a friendly reminder, when you submit to multiple article directories, you should always make a unique version of the same content. In other words, you should rewrite each of your articles before submitting it to a new directory. This is because search engines do not bother to rank duplicates as they index only the oldest version, assuming that it is the original. Submitting the same content to multiple directories is therefore useless as far as search engine ranking is concerned.


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