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    Aug 30 th, 2011
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    Three Important Qualities of Effective Content Marketing

    Content marketing is one of the most modern, effective, yet cost effective ways of increasing your online presence and to build your credibility.

    But just like any other marketing strategy, content marketing won’t work if you don’t conform to certain requirements. You only have a few seconds to attract your readers’ attention, and if your content does not appeal to your targeted audience, you need to overhaul your content marketing strategy. The most important requirements for an effective content are: i) it should grab the reader’s attention and ii) it must be informative.

    But beyond being grabbing the readers’ and providing them with relevant information, there are other important characteristics that help to make your articles stand out in the World Wide Web.

    1. Uniqueness

    Uniqueness or originality is the first thing that both readers and search engines look out for in any content on the web. There’s a ton of information on any niche on the web, but duplicate content can still be detected. Make your content different by giving out original ideas even on common subject matters.

    2. Relevance

    Relevance of your content with what your website represents is another factor that can convince your visitors to stay. Remember, your readers expect you to have an extensive knowledge in the niche that you are writing about. People are attracted to content providers whose written content are related to what they actually do. This kind of attraction fosters trust which becomes the foundation of a relationship between you and your reader.

    3. Popularity of Topic

    The popularity of the topic you choose to write about is one of the determinants of attracting visitors to your website. As far as the internet is concerned, the popularity of a niche can be measured by the number of people who want to get information related to it. But even if your niche is already popular, you still need to make your content interesting to your targeted audience in order to make it stand above competition.

    A good marketing campaign is one that succeeds in gaining the attention of readers and prospective customers. In order to achieve this, an effective marketing plan that involves the careful selection of topics and providing unique, relevant and informative articles about these are a must.


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