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    Sep 30 th, 2011
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    Three Good Sources of Blog Content

    Your blogs need to be updated on a regular basis. This will keep your captured audience informed of new developments regarding your niche.

    But when you are well on your way with your blog, you sometimes run out of fresh ideas to write. This is the reason why you should adopt a method which makes it easier for you to harvest information that you can use for your succeeding blog posts.

    Here are three good sources where you can find plenty of ideas that can inspire you for your next posting:

    1. Trending Topics

    You can easily find trending topics from Yahoo, Google, Twitter and social networking and bookmarking sites. The good thing about posting articles related to current trending topics is their ability to attract readers because of their popularity.

    If you are getting topics from a social networking site such as Twitter, there is a big tendency that you will lose track of time because you will be tempted to engage in the discussions. You should not forget that your main purpose in getting there is to harvest ideas for your next blog. Don’t get carried away by the discussions. Stick to your main goal and once you got it, you have to leave the site at once.

    2. Current Events

    News is everywhere and it keeps going on 24/7. Getting ideas from the latest events can be good for your blog. Just make sure that the topic is relevant to your niche.

    News is also something that you can get from sources other than the internet. So if you decide to harvest your blog ideas from the news, you can actually take a break away from your desktop computer. Taking some time away from your glaring monitor is a way to give your eyes and neck some refreshing rest. Remember, news events happen in the real world. You can actually get it from there and write about it in your blog post.

    3. Popular Posts

    Some of your posts might have attracted traffic. This is a sign that many people are interested in that particular subject matter because of the volume of readers it attracted. You can actually take advantage of the traffic-drawing power of these posts by reworking them and giving them a fresh new look. You should include any updates or new developments if these are available. Go deeper into details and discuss the topic from a different angle. This will make fresh content that your readers will appreciate.

    Being a blogger and content provider is a challenging job. You can actually reduce the demands of your job by employing an effective strategy which can help to supply you with fresh ideas.


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