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    Oct 22 nd, 2011
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    Three Factors Sales Letters Should Address to Generate Sales

    Sales letters are meant to convince and compel readers to action. They have to answer certain questions, objections or doubts that their prospects might have regarding the product.

    In order for sales letters to achieve its ultimate goal, sales copywriters identified certain factors that sales letters need to address. These will facilitate reader understanding and help them to decide to press the order button.

    Here are the top six questions effective sales letters should address in order to generate sales:

    1. The Target Market

    One of the most important things every sales letter should put serious consideration to is its target market. It is essential for copywriters to know the market for which their sales letters are intended; this will make them communicate with their prospects in an emotional level. Copywriters have to know the needs and concerns of their target market so that they can find ways to present their product as the solution.

    2. What’s in it for Me?

    Sales letters should be able to emphasize the benefits that their product can give. If a prospect is convinced that the products you sell can help to make their lives easier, they will surely show interest in your product and continue to read. The benefits should be able to answer every prospect’s most basic question of “why should I buy your product?”

    In addition to the benefits, your sales letter should also tell prospects if the benefits are immediate or they will have to wait to see results.

    Another important thing that makes a sales letter hard to pass is the addition of special offers or free bonuses. This will make the product more enticing as well as it makes your prospects feel special. Your sales letter should specify the expiration date of the offer. This will help to compel them to action.

    3. The Ordering Process

    You are selling to people who don’t know you and many of them could be new customers. It is very important for your sales letter to include specific directions for ordering your product as well as the modes of payment that your company is able to process.

    Most products can be ordered directly online and your sales letter should be able to bring your prospect to the “Order Now” button to ensure conversion. Your sales letter should also include specific locations where your product can be purchased should they choose to buy from a physical store. Purchase instructions should be clear and specific. This is the final and most important step in sales.


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