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    Oct 23 rd, 2011
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    Three Aspects of Persuasive Sales Copy

    Persuasion is one of the most important words that determine your success in sales copywriting. It is a skill that has the power to attract people to read and compel them to act.

    Any skill can be acquired through consistent practice, and writing persuasive sales copies are not an exception. In order to learn this, among the things you need to equip yourself with are thorough knowledge of your target market and application of the three aspects of a persuasive sales copy.

    1. Empathy

    Empathy is the act of identifying and understanding the feelings, situations and intentions of other people. This is the first thing a persuasive sales copy should project to capture the interest of its target market. A sales copy should be able to identify the needs of its prospects to get their attention and keep them reading.

    2. Rationale

    A rationale is a set of fundamental reasons as basis for a certain action, decision of judgment. After engaging with your readers and showing them that you understand their situation, you can now offer a solution to their problems and needs. Show your audience how your solution works. Apply logic in your explanation; this will help to make them do a logical decision to buy.

    3. Closing the Deal

    Monetizing is the final and most important part of the sales copy. It is where you will close the deal. It is the stage where your will convert your readers into customers.

    Emphasize benefits and what your product can bring to help them solve their problems. Highlight the profit they would earn or the savings they are going to make for using your product and how long it will take before they can start to enjoy those benefits. If the effect is immediate, you should point it out in your sales copy. You should also let your readers know if your offer is limited or when it is going to expire.

    Your sales copy should be able to get its readers into action. It is the ultimate goal of every marketing strategy. But there’s one very important thing you should avoid when closing a deal. You should never use pushy tactics, as it will only lead your readers to leave your page and never come back. You should be able to distinguish persuasion from being pushy in order to make an effective sales copy.

    Writing persuasive sales copies is a very important skill that online marketers should possess. You should learn it to convince your readers to decide to buy your product or service. If you are able to feel your target market’s problems and needs, it would be a bit easier for you to present your product as the solution. After this presentation, its time to monetize your sales copy. Close the deal with a compelling call to action.


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