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    Dec 1 st, 2011
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    Three Aspects of Credible Blogs

    Blogs need to maintain a certain level of credibility in order to win reader attention. You only have a few seconds to capture the interest of Internet users, and you really need to have a compelling story to let them stick to your web page. You don’t have to turn them off with hype, exaggeration or copy-pasted content otherwise they will leave your site for good.

    There are at least three aspects of credible blogs. They can help to let you know that the site was built seriously to please and satisfy its visitors. Please read on to know them.

    1. It has lots of comments

    Blogs are interactive and they allow readers to post their opinions and reactions to the posts as comments. The number and type of comments can indicate a blog’s worth of its readers’ time and interest. Internet users have very limited attention spans and they don’t bother to read content which doesn’t have the ability to engage them.

    Comments are very common in popular blogs. These can tell you that the site visitors were interested in the posts. Comments are also a good indication that the blog has a good flow of traffic.

    2. It has a “history” feature

    Blogging sites that have a “history” feature actually contain archives of previous posts which date back to the time when the blog was first established. These provide new site visitors with plenty of reading materials to choose from. These can also add to his library of knowledge and serve as a yardstick for the blog’s level of commitment to its readers.

    3. It provides quality content

    Content is the most important part that makes a blog worthy of people’s time. It is important to note that consistently updating your blog with fresh, quality content is a determining factor of its credibility and capability to establish loyal following.

    As much as possible, you should avoid updating your blog with substandard content. This will only ruin the reputation that you have worked so hard to build. The negative impression that you have left can be a cause for your blog to lose a lot of traffic.

    Successful web content marketing is giving your audience what they want.

    Quality should prevail over quantity and you have to stick to this principle right from the very start. You don’t actually need to rush and produce substandard content for the sake of making your blog look like it is updated; your readers might make you pay for that mistake.


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