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    Sep 12 th, 2012
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    Things You Need to Establish an Article Writing Business

    Among the jobs that have taken a big slice in the online industry, article writing is one of the most preferred. It is also one of the simplest forms of content writing service and it doesn’t have as much restrictions as journalistic writing has.

    Many writers who were driven by a strong desire to write articles as a profession or career have established online content providing services. They are now catering to website and blog owners who utilize their expertise. They have successfully transformed their skills into a lucrative career and now, they are enjoying the fruits of their efforts.

    You too can make article writing an income-generating career, if you know the things you need aside from the writing skills which are the most basic requirements for this job.

    Here are the other things that you need to establish in order to succeed in the article writing business:

    1. Your Portfolio

    The business world is a very cautious world and it has all the reasons to act that way because in business, almost every move involves money. In traditional business transactions, people do their best to be as impressive as possible in order to win a project, get a job, or get an offer for a business or employment contract.

    This is still how it works in the online writing business. As an article writing professional, you need to impress your prospect clients or employers. Since you can’t show your wares by way of impressive attire, visual aids or slide presentations, you can let yourself shine by creating a portfolio that contains your best works, awards received, track record and verifiable credentials. It can help to tell your prospective client or employer that you are qualified to write for them.

    2. Online Resources

    You also need other resources to expose your article writing expertise in the World Wide Web.

    Article Directories

    Top Article sites such as Ezine Articles and Go Articles are the best resources that can help to enhance your visibility to readers and prospective clients. Ezine Articles can also help you to polish your writing skills with writing tips that they send to their members on a regular basis.

    Online Communication Software

    When you work online, you will be communicating with your client or prospect every now and then. This need can be addressed by downloading online communications software like Skype. You can use this program to communicate with your clients wherever they are around the world.

    Online Money Transfer Services

    Since you are in business, you will need a reliable money transfer services provider to take care of your compensation and other collectibles. You can solve this problem by creating an account with PayPal which can efficiently handle your online payment transactions.

    These are some of the things that you will need to establish an online article writing business. You should set these things up before starting to contact clients.


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