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    Aug 17 th, 2011
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    Things to Consider When Writing Blog Articles

    Web users are busy people who want to get facts straight without much word play.

    Studies show that web users rarely read web pages word by word, they scan the pages instead and pause only to pick our and read specific words and sentences that catch their attention.

    The same is true with blogs. You can’t really expect people to spend much time reading each word on your page because many of them, as much as 80 percent in fact, only scan pages in search for words which are related to the information they’re looking for on the internet.

    In order for your blog to be read, you need to be aware of two important aspects that might help to let your visitors stay awhile to read every word of your story.

    1. Don’t loose your readers’ attention with long paragraphs

    The availability of millions information and the ease of finding them with the present technology is a major contributor in making our attention span shorter. The availability of thousands of competing information with just a click is a cause for distraction which tends to drag your reader away after finding out that your content has long sentences or paragraphs that take time to understand.

    Make your article readable and much more understandable by writing concise paragraphs with short expressive sentences.

    2. Speak to your reader in a simple conversational tone

    A blog is a journal that allows you to talk to your readers in a simple, friendly and conversational tone. Doing it in complicated manner like using complex words that your reader might find hard to understand might lose his interest. The best words to use for effective communication, whether written or spoken, are simple, concise words that are easy to understand.

    3. Use the inverted pyramid style when conveying information

    Keep a firm grip on your reader’s attention by presenting your information at the upper portion of the article. The inverted pyramid style of article writing has been proven effective in web content writing. It only goes to show that web users are more interested in harvesting information more than anything else.

    4. Be credible, back up your claims with facts

    Other than style, credibility is an important thing on the web. It is credibility that builds trust, creates relationships and provides you with loyal followers who continue to watch out for updates from your website. They actually generate traffic which is the ultimate goal of every website.

    Credibility is beyond positioning yourself as an expert. Any claims you make should be backed up with facts. This makes your readers understand that you are certain of what you are talking about.


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