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    Aug 9 th, 2011
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    Things to Consider When Buying PLR

    Let’s face it. Using PLR articles can do a lot to keep your website alive with fresh content. But it is important to note that this could only be made possible if you have a supplier which is conscious about quality. This in turn could make your website healthy and vibrant.

    The use of quality PLRs is indeed a smart step towards the emergence of a good website, looking forward. Freelance writers come in handy, but they carry costs which are higher than buying ready-made PLRs.

    But using quality PLRs doesn’t mean that you can always post them directly to your website or submit them to article directories. You are entitled to do it but you run the risk of having your website labeled “duplicate content” because for sure you are not be the only who bought the articles and someone else might have posted the articles into his website as they are.

    It is always wise to rewrite PLRs and make them at least 80 percent unique before putting them to use. But to ensure that you are buying quality for your money, you should consider the following before buying your PLR package:

    1. The number of copies sold for the PLR package you want

    As a PLR buyer, you should check with your supplier how many copies of your chosen PLR had been sold out. The principle of probability suggests that the higher the number of copies sold, the lesser the chance for uniqueness its articles carry. But if the sold copies are less than a hundred, you have a fair chance of coming up with good promotional articles for your website.

    2. Check for limitations

    Check out for limitations that your supplier may impose on the PLRs. It is common practice that you, as a buyer, can have the right to use the articles in the package, but there might be conditions that do not allowed you to sell the articles to other websites. Always check the fine print when buying PLRs.

    3. Make sure that your PLR is relevant to your niche

    Using an article with a subject matter which is not relevant to the niche of your website is a waste of time, money, effort and – traffic. Don’t even try doing it.

    4. Check if the PLR articles fit your writing style

    Buying a PLR which is written the way you would have written it makes it easy for you to reproduce with a unique version. It might even inspire you to make reader-focused versions of the articles.

    When you think of buying PLR, do these simple steps and be assured that your final article will deliver the value that your readers are looking for in any content.


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