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    Aug 26 th, 2011
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    Things to Consider Before Submitting Content

    Article marketing is one of the most popular forms of getting business prospects in this era. It has become one of the most effective steps in the area of sales and marketing.

    For this reason, article directories have also flourished on the web.

    Thousands of articles get published on article directories everyday, but only about 20 percent of them are able to achieve the real goals: Traffic and getting noticed by users of the World Wide Web.

    In order to avoid this problem, it is important to take note that you are writing for people who are looking to information, solution, or answers to their questions. This aspect should be given the importance more than anything else because people and not machines or search engines are the real targets of article marketing. The rest are mere tools that help to take the article marketer to his targeted audience.

    Another reason why only a small portion of these articles ever earn the attention of readers is because many article marketers fail to consider it as a strategy. Strategies need to be planned in order for it to give the desired result.

    Here are some items that you should consider before submitting content to article directories:

    1. The main objective of submitting articles is to inform

    Articles which are more promotional than informative are more likely to fail in their campaign to attract traffic.

    Readers want information. This will form part of their decision to even click on the link that leads to your website. While it is true that content writing is an effective way for branding, generating leads and promoting a product, it doesn’t have to sound salesy or too promotional, as its primary purpose is to create traffic by providing information that addresses your prospects’ queries.

    2. Write articles that are reader focused

    Articles that are meant more on getting back links than helping your readers get useful information about your subject matter have little or no impact at all. It might not even merit the interest of many article directories who want reader focused articles for their sites.

    Before you write content for article directories, you must first put yourself in your prospective readers’ point of view, understand what they want to know and not what you want to tell them, provide detailed answers and assist them all the way to your link.

    3. Take advantage of promotional opportunities

    Even though information is the main thrust of article marketing, it also offers some opportunities to enable you to generate better traffic; it allows you to use backlinks and keywords or key phrases.

    Use these to your advantage. Mention keywords in the title and a few times in the body of your content. You can also take the chance of using anchor text links if using these is allowed. This will help to take your reader to a particular page in your website should they be interested to know more details.

    Another important part of the article you should not miss is the resource box which contains the link that takes your reader to your website.

    These are simple tips, but these are among the basic things you should know in order to be an effective article marketer.


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