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    Sep 12 th, 2011
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    Things to Consider Before Building a Website

    Before building a website, it is important to consider the common traits of web users as well as the demographics of your site’s visitors.

    It is therefore imperative to consider the following before you build your website:

    1. Website visitors scan your web page, they don’t read it. They immediately press the “Back” button if your website doesn’t appear interesting to them.

    2. Content should be given more importance than your website design. Design should be made to support your site’s content.

    A website that combines high quality content with a great design that makes it easy for visitors to navigate will have a fairly good chance of capturing traffic.

    Here are some tips which can help you in preparing your site:

    1. Layout

    – Give your visitors the ease of movement in your web page. Guide them through the page by grouping content and highlighting important elements. This will catch the readers’ attention and might help to make them stay.

    – Limit the use of links in each page to 10. You should see to it that each link is SEO optimized. Another important thing to do is to ensure that your hyperlinks use keywords to indicate what it is linking to. You should also test to make sure that the links are active.

    2. Colors

    – Try to use warm bright colors like orange, red and yellow for “Buy Now” or Click Here” buttons. These colors help a lot in catching your readers’ attention because they attract the eyes.

    – Avoid using blue text because it is the color used for hyperlinks. Use other colors like green and purple to add harmony in your layout.

    – After you’re through with your color scheme, test it by viewing your page from a distance of about three feet. If the text is hard to read, you should try using a different color combination.

    3. Font

    Content is the main reason why people visit your website. The font you use for your content should not make it hard for your visitors to read, otherwise, they will turn away and find other sites.

    – You must see to it that the characters in your content are not too close. There should be enough space between characters to make your content easier to read.

    – Do not underline texts because it will lead your visitors to think that it’s a link. This can only lead to confusion.

    These are the things you must consider before building a website. Attract visitors with good content and make them stay with a beautiful website which is also designed for their convenience.


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