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    Nov 1 st, 2011
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    The Seven Types of Articles You Need to Know

    The search for information is one of the biggest reasons why people surf the web, and a majority of content providers cater to this particular need by means of providing their websites with informative articles.

    Information on the web is actually presented in many ways. But even if their forms vary, they are of the same ultimate purpose which is to give their audience what it wants: valuable information.

    Here are seven of the most common types of articles web content providers often use to provide information to their readers:

    1. Question and Answer

    A simple keyword research can already give you an idea what people are trying to find out about your niche on the web. This will help you to pick up a specific question which your article will have to answer. You can also find some questions in forums which you can base your question and answer article from.

    2. Tips List

    Tips lists are one of the most widely used forms of articles on the web. It is actually a list of useful facts which enriches the knowledge of its readers about certain qualities, characteristics attributes or types of certain things. It is also made to present ways of doing things in better ways.

    3. How-to Articles

    A how-to article is actually an instructional article in which the procedure to do certain things is presented in a step-by-step approach. This will help readers to develop new skills or do something in a methodical way.

    4. News Articles

    News articles are articles that inform readers of the current events in politics, business, peace and order, and sports, among others. It is usually presented in a way that the five most basic questions: who, what, where, when, and why are answered.

    5. Reviews

    A review tells about the author’s opinion or evaluation of a product or service. It speaks of the advantages, benefits and disadvantages of its subject.

    6. Personal Experience

    Personal experience articles are most often used by bloggers for their blogs which they use as a means to connect with their readers. Most personal experience articles contain valuable lessons which their readers can use when they find themselves in similar situations.

    7. Inspirational Articles

    Inspirational articles are directed to the readers’ emotions in which the author often connects with his reader in a different way. These are written to motivate and encourage people. They contain positive stories which are intended to inspire people and give them hope.

    These are the seven types of articles which you can use to drive traffic to attract readers. Whatever your niche and target audience maybe, you can always use any of these types to add value to the information you provide.


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