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    Jul 21 st, 2011
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    The Secret of Writing Good Website Articles

    Good, informative articles that contain words which many searchers are curious about on the web are the ones that usually get the top spot on the search rankings.

    A good article that is submitted in article directories is one with a keyword density of about one to three percent. Great literary work is not a benchmark for high search ranking. The information contained in the article doesn’t need to give everything, as it might give your readers the feeling that clicking on your back link is no longer necessary.

    Bits of information that educates your readers about your keyword, written in an interesting manner, would be enough to catch their curiosity. This will make them go with the flow of your story down to your resource box which contains your back links.

    The article needs to flow simply and it has to be understandable, yet it should compel the reader learn more about the topic by going to your website.

    Do the Research

    One of the most important things to do before you begin to write about a particular topic is to make a research. You don’t need to become an expert on the topic, but you must gather enough information to enable you to assemble a credible article that stimulates your readers’ interest.

    Choose a Compelling Title for your Topic

    The use of compelling article titles plays an important role in getting your articles read by website visitors. Articles that are not read don’t actually serve their purpose and it gives you nothing back.

    All articles, whether these are submitted to article directories or posted in your own website should carry titles that catch the eyes of your visitors.

    Among the most effective titles include words that generate curiosity, a promise of benefit, words that surprise or create a shock, a revelation or discovery, or words that pose a question which compels your visitor to read on in order to find the answer/s.

    The Body

    Start with your best. Every word in the opening paragraph matters to your readers. Your opening statements set the tone of your story, and the better you do at the start, the better you continue to do in your succeeding paragraphs.

    Remember that every sentence must carry something to contribute to the idea and structure of your article.


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