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    Jul 25 th, 2011
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    The Secret of Website Success

    Everyone who has a website is fighting to earn a high ranking in the search engine page. The top of the search engine page is the most coveted place on the net because it means more visitors. Visitors are potential customers who have the power to make your website earn revenue.

    Let’s face it, websites are made to earn in one way or another and only a handful, if not none at all were built without the objective of earning.

    In order to earn a place at the top of the search engine rankings, most website owners are doing everything they could to attract visitors. Some resort to making fancy flashy screen displays while some give their visitors just a little way out, without knowing that they are actually driving visitors away.

    But the reality is, people surf the web to find information; and it is great content that makes the essence of website success. It is great content that establishes your brand and calls your readers to action. It is actually the one that makes the sale and closes the deal.

    The lack or absence of relevant, informative content is the first and foremost factor that makes your website less attractive to visitors. Riddling your site with keywords just to catch the attention of search engines is not sufficient. It might be able to lure search engines but it won’t make visitors stay a second longer once they see that your site doesn’t give away value in the form of relevant, informative content.

    The back button is the most commonly used button on the web browser.

    Gerry McGovern, a leading expert in the subject of website content, relates that only 20 percent or less of the sites that sell products or services provide content which are designed to attract customers and make sales. He even emphasized that as low as 10 percent of content on the web are effective.

    This implies that as high as 80 to 90 percent of the content on the web are mere fillers which are made just to fill up space, and this means that 80 to 90 percent of all the sites failed to deliver the goods people are looking for. They had failed to consider that their website is a strategic part of their business which does the sales.

    Another factor that can sometimes spell the difference between a website’s success and failure is your choice of words. Finding the right words for your page title, your headlines and your content can work wonders for your website. Search engines have become smart these days they are programmed not just to comb the web for keywords but to find pages with well-written content.

    Apply these in your website and in time you’ll see that it works. It doesn’t happen overnight but when it does, you can be guaranteed of the big difference.


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