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    Aug 29 th, 2012
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    The Power of Video in Online Marketing

    The online video has an amazing influence in the lives of people in the modern era. It has the ability to enable you to make a connection with your audience on a personal and emotional level. It gives you the advantage of engaging your viewers through their eyes and ears. It allows your audience to see a face and a personality behind the story. It allows you to convey your message in a more emphatic way.

    Videos also offer lots of advantages from a technical point of view. They are more favored by search engines and they almost always occupy a higher position in the search results than text files. They can make people stay on your web page longer than text files do, and they have the ability to increase traffic to your website by as much as 300 percent.

    The power of video has swept the online world. And it is proven by the 27 million videos that people watch on YouTube every 10 minutes. Together with its vast online influence, the video is seen to take online marketing by storm.

    But despite these facts, there are still many online marketers who are not quite determined to use videos for their marketing campaigns. Here are three reasons why:

    1. Creating marketing videos is too time-consuming.

    According to a survey, 16 percent of online marketers believe that creating online marketing videos is too time-consuming.

    This could be true, especially if a video marketer is still starting out on this new endeavor which uses a new technology, the right equipment and a systematic process.

    As a new video producer, you need to go through a learning process before you can succeed in producing quality, optimized, and interesting marketing videos. You need to invest a considerable amount of effort and time to learn the trade, but once you learn it, you will see its advantages in terms of increased traffic and possibly sales.

    2. Video marketers don’t like the way they look or sound on video.

    Many people are too conscious of their appearance and voice on video. This is actually one of the reasons why 19 percent of those who participated in the survey do not use video for marketing. They said that the way they look and sound on video might just affect their product in a negative way.

    This is a perception that online marketers need to overcome. As an aspiring creator of marketing videos, you need to take that deciding leap in order to prove to yourself that you too can do what others have done. The “ugly image” that you think you have on camera is not always true and you have to let it go. You will never be able to get over that issue unless you give video creation and submission a try. You have actually nothing to lose by trying. Strive to learn some techniques to improve your presence on camera.

    4. Video technology is too overwhelming for video marketers to use.

    The biggest percentage of video marketers (44 percent) who took part in the survey said that they were overwhelmed with video technology, and that made them too hesitant to use video for their marketing campaign.

    Many people love status quo because they are comfortable with it, and they wouldn’t want to use new technology because they find it too complicated, and it is too far beyond their comfort zone.

    You don’t really need to plunge into video marketing without first learning the basics. You need to acquire some basic skills and knowledge for a start, like knowing the right equipment, learning what to wear, how to record, edit, optimize, and finally upload your videos to YouTube and other video sharing sites. Try to learn these things from a mentor who has experience and know-how; the knowledge you acquire will give you the confidence to make excellent online marketing videos.


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