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    May 11 th, 2012
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    The Importance of Short Paragraphs

    Even to an ordinary person, seeing a lump of 500-word text that is not separated by white spaces can be an eyesore. For sure, he will not be interested in reading that content no matter how informative or meaty it is. It is just too much for a reader to focus on.

    Paragraphs are important elements of any written work, and it is intended to serve a lot of purposes. It is essential for paragraphs to be short yet coherent as it can help to facilitate reading ease and understanding.

    Here are some of the most important uses of short paragraphs:

    1. They are used to separate thoughts.

    An entire article deals with just a single topic but it is also composed of a lot of ideas that make the story interesting. There is a need to divide an article into paragraphs to emphasize specific thoughts and sub-topics. It helps to keep your article organized and readable.

    2. They are used to make a good introduction of an article or story.

    No article or story is interesting enough without an introduction paragraph that can lead the reader to the article body. It is a way to highlight some of the important points of the article. It could also be an opening principle that you can elaborate further in your article body.

    3. They are used to break or divide the article body.

    The body contains all the information that your article contains, and it is usually the longest part of your written piece.

    Some articles might contain a continuous flow of thoughts, but you need to break them down into paragraphs to make the body readable. You also need to provide your readers with some breathing space while they are reading your article. This can easily be obtained by dividing it into short paragraphs not longer than 100 words each.

    4. They are used to signify a conclusion in an article.

    A conclusion tells about the author’s opinion of his story. It can also be a summary of the body of the entire article. It is not a part of the article body, and it’s the reason why it has to be contained in a separate but short paragraph.

    As much as it is a skill, article writing is also an art. The mission of article writers is not just to convey a message or tell a story, but to present it in a readable and understandable way. And one of the best ways to do it is to break the article down into short paragraphs. It makes an interesting story very appealing.


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