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    Mar 5 th, 2011
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    The Importance of Adding Quality Content to Your Website

    If you’ve been an Internet marketer for even a short length of time, you’ve probably already heard, repeatedly, that you should keep adding fresh content to your blog. Now that you actually have your blog up, you’re ready to dig in and start routinely adding fresh content. But before you do, you’d really like to know why you’re supposed to do this?

    One of the biggest reasons is because the search engines, such as Google, want you to keep adding new content. To them, it means you are running an active site and you’re not throwing up a few pages and letting it sit to collect AdSense ad revenue. When someone does a search, Google wants to deliver sites that are made for people and have content that was written to benefit people. Keep adding content on a regular basis and it will make the search engines happy; which means they will reward you by bringing you up the ranks into better search positions.

    Another benefit of adding fresh content is the chance to build your site into a big authority site. This is huge in terms of gaining the trust of your readers/potential customers, and building your name and brand.

    Consider this: some day you may want to sell your site and move onto other projects. If this happens, the loads of content you’ve added over time to your site will help you get more money out of the sale of the site. This is another good reason to keep adding content.

    When you add fresh content, you’re giving yourself platforms on which to promote your own products or “pre-sell” affiliate products. Every new article posted gives you another opportunity to monetize your site. Also, if you’re adding links in new pages to content on other pages, you’re not only monetizing your new page but boosting your SEO with internal linking. This is a good SEO practice.

    Lastly, I want to point out the more posts/pages you add to your site, the more pages you have on which to show ads. This is very helpful if your site is showing AdSense or similar. Keep in mind this is different than throwing up a site just to do AdSense. Your site will have relevant and helpful content for the reader; the ads are a bonus.

    Here you have 5 good reasons why you should continually add fresh material to your site. Try it and you’ll see that adding quality content on a regular basis can only help you with your Internet marketing.


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