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    Dec 1 st, 2011
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    The Four Advantages of Business Blogs

    Blogs have invaded the modern business world. Corporations and business individuals have built blogs to enhance their popularity, credibility and relationship with their target market.

    According to Jeanne Hopkins, vice president for marketing at HubSpot, blogs with brands receive 97 percent more links and 55 percent more website visitors than brands that don’t maintain blogs at all.

    It only shows that a blog can take your business well above your competitors because it has the power to boost your company’s exposure to a wider (in fact global) audience base. It also increases your potential to generate more sales and profit.

    Here are the salient advantages of a blog to your business:

    1. Its content has a potential to get published in print

    Many journalists prefer to research online if they want to publish a story about an industry or a company. If your company has a blog, its potential to become one of the direct sources of information rises especially if the journalists decide to quote your opinions or reproduce your content in print. It can help to give your company a good name in the eyes of its target market.

    2. It helps to make your company an authority on your subject

    Well written, informative articles in your business blog makes you and your company an authority in your chosen niche. Readers who find your blog posts helpful always have your blog in their minds when they look for information regarding your subject. This puts your company at a big advantage over the rest. It also helps to eliminate your struggles with journalists in your effort to have your company press release approved.

    3. It helps to build a list of potential customers

    A frequently updated business blog that provides useful content helps to convince its readers to subscribe to your posts. It gives you the chance to build a list of potential customers that you can market to anytime you want.

    Having a list and updating it frequently increases your sales potentials. It can also help you to build a better relationship with the people who choose to subscribe to your posts.

    4. It helps to boost your traffic and sales potential

    You should regularly update your prospects about your latest products and offers. It can help to lead them back to your website for more information. It can increase your traffic and probability for more sales. Besides, it also helps to reduce your advertising cost.


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