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    Aug 2 nd, 2011
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    The Essence of SEO

    The use of SEO or Search Engine Optimization, is a very important factor that can spell the difference between a successful website and an average or low-ranking one. It is the method of structuring your web content at its best so that crawling search engines can find your website and index it accordingly.

    Today, millions of people use the search engines to find information from the web. You website may be the most informative website that speaks of a certain topic or niche, but in the absence of a top rank in the search engine page rankings, it could be overlooked by search engines and human browsers alike. This is the reason why SEO was conceived.

    Here are some of the most effective SEO strategies:

    1. Always provide your site with fresh content

    Regularly updating your site with fresh content is one of the most important attractions that it can get from human and engine searchers. For one, Google has devised an algorithm for its search engine that assesses the frequency of your website’s updating with regards to content.

    A website that is regularly updated with relevant and informative content is granted a trust rank, aside from the page rank it gets. It also makes your website competitive on multiple search terms.

    2. Article Marketing

    As an effective SEO tool, article marketing paves the way to your website through back links that lead the article directories’ visitors to your website. It is essential for your articles to contain keywords and titles that catch the mind of human searchers and search engines as well. But these should be used in a manner that does not sound spammy, otherwise, your website will lose the respect of its visitors.

    3. Deep Linking

    Deep linking is the process of making a hyperlink that points to a specific page or image in the website, instead of its home page. Deep links that are provided by high page rank directories perennially exposes your keywords to the reach of search engines.

    4. On-topic blogging

    Business blogging or contextual advertising is the latest approach of catching the attention of search engines. Writing a relevant blog about a field or industry that attracts large volume of traffic and earning the recognition of the web’s known experts of that field can do a lot of wonders to your website. A mere trackback from an industry leader is one of the shortest routes to impress the search engines.

    5. Consistency

    Doing the first four steps for three to six months will establish some kind of trust rank for your website. This process accelerates indexing time of search engines and it allows them to visit your website in just hours after you make an update.

    Consistently updating your website with new keywords gives you better opportunities to climb up the search results ladder faster. It is also one of the best ways to outrank competition.

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